Latest additions and whats new in Zahras Boutique

Latest Additions and Collections
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Beautiful Crystal and Stone Jewelry - handmade and set on allergy free metal - these are exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry you won't find anywhere else!

Amazing Slippers -  handcrafted footwear - many are pure leather with real stone and wood work, stylish and gorgeous and extremely comfortable!

Gorgeous Shoes -  superb quality and extremely comfortable - these shoes are an absolute must to your wardrobe !

Chic Handbags -  absolutely latest fashion statement - very exclusive and refined.

Sensational Kurti Tunic Tops very trendy, comfortable and chic

Beautiful Skirts latest cuts and designs.  Top quality fabric.

Exquisite Bangles set in light metal and semi precious stones, handcrafted.

Stylish Bracelets in unique styles and with fashionable semi precious stones

Stunning Watches with stone and metal work - eye catching !

Incredible Earrings in multi colors, light and easy to wear, hypo-allergic for pierced ears

Handbag decorations add a touch of panache to your handbag  call us on +966 505 800 599

Whats new and latest additions at Zahras Boutique

Here we show whats new with the latest additions to Zahras Boutique.  We design and provide the highest quality and trendiest items at the most affordable prices to provide that stylish and trendy look for you.